Vietnam new e-regulations

July 4, 2015

Good news!! Lawyers in Vietnam may be out of a job soon (at least for routine licensing matters).

The Government has just launched an online guide for investors on how to set up a business on Vietnam in 7 provinces including Hanoi and HCMC.

The online e-service provides a step-by-step guideline on where to go to submit documents; whom to meet; which documents to submit; fees...

Guide to doing business in Vietnam from setting up to beyond

May 19, 2015

LEGAL UPDATE: A short presentation on doing business in Vietnam from setting up to beyond. We have reflected the new changes in law on investment, company, housing and real estate.


New Enterprise Law and Investment Law Coming Into Effect

April 3, 2015

LEGAL UPDATE: Did you know that the new Enterprise Law and Investment Law will come into effect soon on 1 July 2015. These are the two main pieces of legislation that will govern all aspects of your investment in Vietnam as a company. Here are some key changes to note. Decrees guiding these laws are being drafted. We will keep you posted.

  1. A foreign-invested...

New Circular Regarding Foreign Companies in Service Sectors

April 2, 2015

LEGAL UPDATE: Did you know that the Ministry of Industry & Trade has issued a new circular to confirm that foreign companies engaging in the the 11 service sectors (such as legal, advertising, banking & finance, securities, construction, etc.) to which VN has made commitments under the WTO will no longer need to obtain work permits for expats they move to VN internally to work provided...

Foreign Real Estate Developer Update

April 2, 2015

LEGAL UPDATE: Did you know that if you are foreign real estate developer as of 1 July of this year, you can lease existing real estate (including houses and buildings) and sublease the same and you can also take over a part of a larger project to build for sale, lease or for lease and buyback.

These new rights are significant:

a. Currently foreign developers must develop and build...