LEGAL UPDATE: Did you know there is a new draft Law on Public-Private Partnership Investment?
HKBAV has been asked to provide comments to the Government. Our comments are set out in the link below. If you have any additional comments, please revert to me by email at by 4 pm this Thursday.
This is an important piece of legislation for investment in the following sectors:
-Transportation: roadways, railways, inland waterways, maritime, aviation, and seaport infrastructure facilities;
-Power plants and public lighting systems; Water treatment infrastructure systems;
-Urban zone infrastructure (e.g. parks);
-Offices for state authorities, official resident housing;
-Facilities related to health, education, training, culture, sports, and tourism;
-Telecommunications and information technology;
-Facilities for the development of science and technology;
-Commercial infrastructure, including development of
economic zones;
-Agricultural and rural facilities; and
-Other areas that require the private sector to invest in infrastructure or to provide public services.

Thank you in advance.
DN Legal, 8 April 2020